I'm a  hard working individual who typically seeks new challenges both physically and mentally. I'm passionate about my work and have a very strict attitude about "getting it done". An award winning practitioner of lighting, my experience ranges from theatrical / live entertainment, gaming, architainment, hospitality, parks, and residential / multifamily.  My skillset and responsibilities have included mentorship of junior staff, project management, design, document review, budgets, submittal coordination and review, procurement services, code compliance, photometric evaluation and analysis, detail coordination, lighting controls &  coordination, programming, and specifications. I coordinate with fellow project consultants, clients, and contractors from start to finish.


My favorite part of the project is construction. I love being on site and seeing things come to together and help coordinate in-field conflicts. Plus, who doesn't love a fashion forward hardhat and reflector vest - not to mention the great glute workout from climbing stairs because the elevators aren't commissioned yet for your 42 story high rise? 


I'm active in the IESNA both locally and nationally having served  on the Board of Managers in Seattle and Detroit, holding positions as Illumination Awards Chair and Emerging Professionals Chair. 

I'm an outspoken outgoing introvert and people often say I have a dry sense of humor. I'm an avid kayaker, poler, and dog rescuer. I'm part of a whiskey club and I have a goal to travel to a new country every other year. and a new state every year.

Fictional Houses I Think I'd Be In: Stark, Slytherin, and District 5

Club Lounge
Exterior Facade, Hardscape/Landscape
Jewelry Store
Sports Arena Suites
Owners Suite
Food Court
Patio Lounge
Exterior Facade & VIP Drop Off
Lobby Bar & Lounge
Sports Bar
Exterior Facade
Presidential Suite
Exterior Facade
Italian Restaurant
Exterior Facade
Sports Arena
Bar Lounge
Pedestrian Bridge
Food Court
Club Lounge
Food Court